Brief Summary of First Stage of Blog

As I promised in my last post just before the Christmas break I will briefly summarise the contents and conclusions of the first 41 posts and outline what the future of the blog might be. Not all the evidence available to me is included in this first series. For example I have a series of recordings which were made of phone calls and interviews with various interested parties at my home and elsewhere and I have incomplete evidence on other matters which remain inconclusive. Acting as a civilian certain evidence trails were not open to me.

It is clear from all the evidence that Carson, the driver of the Subaru which crashed into my brother’s oncoming car on the Steeple Road was completely responsible for my brother’s death. He was traveling along the narrow road at or above 80 miles per hour and was using his mobile phone in conversation with his wife when he lost control as he rounded a blind corner. He had fitted his uni-directional tyres back to front deliberately in the belief that it would reduce friction and thus tyre wear whilst indulging in the dangerous manoeuvre called drifting.  He was a cocky and persistent high-speed junkie who did not feel the need to wear a seatbelt. His written statements showed that he was also an inveterate liar. He had close connections with the Police both socially and professionally. He worked for his father-in-law and carried out maintenance duties repairing and  maintaining various Police Stations. Certain local Police officers had their private cars serviced and tuned in his private garage and he was friends with officers who belonged to the same Motor Cycle Club which used the Steeple Road as a speed test track.

These close connections might go a long way to explain why the Police decided to deliberately make a false Report of their findings at the scene and afterwards, using lies, corrupt interventions, and perversion of Justice, to protect Carson from the consequences of his action. My brother was given no such consideration but may well have fallen foul of a canteen culture of blaming the dead driver for causing the crash for ease of closing down the case. Antrim Police apparently had a reputation and history for adopting such a course.

The various acts of corruption perpetrated by members of the PSNI are detailed throughout this blog beginning in March 2018 through June 2018 and later and I don’t intend to detail everything in this post but it includes lies, falsehoods,perversion of Justice, and interference with witnesses.

However, at the end of this post I will try to explain why this corruption clearly runs in a cancerous vein throughout the PSNI and within the whole of the Criminal Judicial System and that would suggest that the present system is  irredeemable whilst the present players are still in position.

In one of my previous posts I referred to an anonymous phone call several months into my investigation when the caller proposed that he would provide direct justice given that he knew that the Police would not do so. Later, I imagined that it might have been an attempt by the Police to somehow entrap me into an illegal course of action. In any case,  I told the caller that I had faith in the Justice System, that I would correct any errors and neither I nor Raymond’s family required any such assistance or intervention.  I decided then that I must seek Justice through the proper channels to validate my firm belief. That search for Justice has taken some 15 years and all that I have proved is that the threatening anonymous caller was right and I was wrong in regards to the integrity of the Justice System. He was not right about the solution but my firm belief about the power of the pen over the sword has been somewhat questioned. Clearly I have no remaining faith in  the application of  Justice here.

I worked my way methodically through the whole of the Justice system.

In the Police Service of Northern Ireland I found, in addition to incompetence, a ready ability to lie, forge evidence, procrastinate, interfere with witnesses and divert submissions by me to cover up or delay the truth.

I insisted that the  Forensic Service of Northern Ireland make a Report and it modified and misinterpreted the evidence to match the false Police Report.(Posts of 21/05/18 – 11/06/18 refers.)  The Secretary of State David Hanson who was responsible for the Forensic Service of Northern Ireland did nothing when this was drawn to his attention.  (04/06/2018)

My complaint to the Police Ombudsman was  initially wrongly interpreted to favour the Police version of events but thankfully was reversed on the appointment of a new Ombudsman. (posts 16/06/2018 – 13/08/2018 refer). It made no difference. The PSNI default position is to simply ignore most of their findings and recommendations.

In 2008 HM Inspector of Constabulary produced a damning Report on the lack of expertise within the PSNI on Roads Policing. The Report was based in good part on my findings into the crash. The Police showed no reaction.

Several submissions were made to the Public Prosecution Service accusing certain individuals of perverting the course of Justice and including Carson for causing death by dangerous driving. My submissions included Chief Constable Orde, Sgt McBride, Inspector Ian White and Chief Coroner Leckey. My cases remain unresolved and are still current. ( Posts on 03/09/18, 10/09/18 and 19/11/ 2018 refer.)

The Coroner’s Service, under the leadership of Chief Coroner Leckey, failed in its duty and continues to do so.(See posts dated 24/09/2018-15/10/2018)

The Lord Chief Justice’s staff offered no assistance, washed their hands of it, and, whether through ignorance or cavalier arrogance, referred the matter to the Queen. (22/10/2018 to 3/12/2018.

The Minister of Justice has no responsibility for the application of Justice. In the case of MLA David Ford, he has shown no interest in the injustice heaped on one of his constituents.

The Northern Ireland Ombudsman (NIO) who was given responsibility for oversight of the Forensic Office strangely found an opt out clause in its terms of responsibility which prevented it from investigating corruption within the FSNI until all court cases were heard. This included the Coroner’s Court who have no desire to hold a reinstated Inquest. ( Post on/12/2018). If my allegations against FSNI are well founded then FSNI’s previous cases should be challenged and the existence of FSNI in its present form put in doubt. It has been done in the past and only scraped through from having its contracts with the Police removed.



My Conclusion in Brief.

Having engaged with the many elements of the Justice System over the past 15 years and taking a greater interest in the vast number of complaints lodged against the PSNI and other elements within the Justice System, I have come to a firm conclusion that the PSNI together with the rest of the Justice System is corrupt beyond repair and is no longer worthy of our support under the current leadership or the current membership.  The corruption is ingrained and widespread. Clearly I am not alone  in my conclusion given the increased number of vigilante and revenge attacks that happen almost on a daily basis.

The Police Ombudsman’s Office has to deal with nearly 3000 written complaints a year from disgruntled  citizens against a Police Force of just under 7000. One can only guess at the number of others who decided that they could not or would not  make a formal complaint about their interaction with Police. It is clear that the primary purpose of both the Police and the rest of the Justice System is to protect and hide the failings of its membership and the application of Justice takes a poor second place. I accept that it is a long time since policing was considered a vocation but it is a shock to me that not a single person within the PSNI and associated organisations had the moral fibre to stand up and call a halt to the corrupt practices visited on Raymond’s family and friends. Those who were in a position to do so simply cowered behind their anonymity and said nothing or actively assisted their corrupt colleagues with the coverup.

Although the corruption was initiated by the PSNI in this case, they were clearly in a position to request and expect the assistance of the other agencies to support them in burying the truth. I’m sure that a reciprocal corrupt arrangement is always available to them if required. The independence of the many elements of the Justice System which is vital if it is to succeed in its core aim of delivering Justice to all has been totally compromised.

The reputation and success of any organisation is dependant on its leadership and, from its formation, the PSNI has been badly led. My experience includes the current incumbent Chief Constable George Hamilton and his predecessor Hugh Orde. Both were told several times that two of their ranked officers had lied and falsified evidence and Reports and were blatantly supported by their colleagues in other branches as required. The PSNI leadership  did nothing. Presumably Hamilton believes that his first duty is to protect his men against all criticism whether false or justified.  Perhaps he thinks that leadership is primarily a matter of fantacy Public Relations output and Justice can be as selective as he chooses.  It is a secondary consideration. For example, he is keen to tell us that there are no No Go areas for the Police in Northern Ireland but neglects to tell us that the Police are allowed  unfettered access only after it has negotiated a pass from the local Tribal Chiefs.  He is happy to sit back and accept the lifelong crippling of nearly 100 young men and children every year by gangsters and say that he is powerless to intervene because the locals are frightened. Well, that is okay then.  I’m sure his reassurances are a great boost to both the morale of his officers and citizens.

Recently he did make a real effort to gee his officers up and get them to do the job they are paid for. It seems that the PSNI has employed a disturbing number of sickly snowflakes into its ranks.  In an average year, statistics show that on an average day some 420 officers were off sick at a cost of some £25 million a year to the taxpayer.  Many of them were struck down by the stress of the job. This meant that, on average, each officer was off work for an additional nine days per year. This was additional to the 4 weeks annual holiday they enjoyed. Additionally the £25 million is on top of the money paid out to thousands of others who had hearing loss from  firearms training.

One could argue that a Police Officer must be aware at the outset that the nature of the job entails handling extremely stressful situations and so should not join if he or she does not have a sufficiently robust temperament to cope with it. To put it another way – if anyone is not up to the job he should be removed forthwith as he is a liability to fellow officers around him. Similarly an officer with a hearing disability can not give reported speech evidence reliabily to a court without being challenged and is therefore unfit for the post.

A Police Officer on Twitter, possibly a snowflake, was complaining that he found the job more complex than originally envisaged.

The Chief Constable, in a rare burst of leadership and frustration or maybe finding it a struggle to seek additional cash  for the PSNI whilst justifying paying over £25 million a year to sickly officers wrote back:-

” Let’s get on with it rather than wallowing in self-pity. You are allowed to leave and seek another job – nobody is asking you to stay. Dry your eyes, do the job or move on.”

It would seem to have been a brave attempt to move the malingerers out of the PSNI  but alas it didn’t last long as, after a deluge of criticism, the following day he wrote :-

“I’ve clearly caused some offence in what I’ve said, and for that I apologise.”

A flash of leadership perhaps but it was short-lived.

His Contract of Employment is due for renewal in July 2019. For so many reasons one can only hope that the Selection Committee of the Policing Board of Northern Ireland and the Minister for Justice or the Secretary of State choose wisely on reading this blog.

Amendment : Chief Constable has just announced that he will now retire at the end of June 2019  just 3 hours after this post was published. No – I don’t think this post was the cause !



In or around 1960 there was a Nationwide survey carried out which made comparisons of the 60 plus Police Forces throughout the United Kingdom. The result was that the RUC came top for its efficiency, greatest crime clear up rate and for the level of its support from the community.

A similar survey today would probably place it at the bottom of the list. What caused the massive deterioration in its standards ?

Before I give you my answer I will first tell you about a threat to which all Law enforcement Agencies are vulnerable. The threat is called by the Academics who study these things NOBLE CAUSE CORRUPTION (NCC).

NCC is a mindset or sub-culture which fosters a belief that the ends justify the means. Strange or not, the officers most susceptible to it are the ones who feel the need most for alternative law enforcement especially when laws tend to unnecessarily obstruct a just outcome.

Newly recruited officers are often lured into it by more experienced officers and find it difficult to resist. It is a short step to modify the evidence to satisfy the requirement of the law to achieve the desired just outcome. For example, a law might say that a sick dog must be taken to the vet to be dispatched humanely but does not say that the law applies when being attacked by a pack of rabid dogs. All laws are limited and subject to interpretation. Or to put it another way – “Never let the truth stand in the way of Justice ”  and a short step to  “Never let the truth stand in the way of a favour for a  collegue or mate”

When the Troubles (or more accurately violent and savage insurgency ) started in the late 60’s the RUC had little choice or guidance on how to interpret the inadequate law in the noble cause of protecting the innocent citizenry. The law as it stood was completely inadequate to contain the onslaught and had to be interpreted and often violated for the common good. Frankly their actions were welcomed and understood that the rabid dogs needed to be curtailed at all costs. Stepping outside the inadequate law by those paid to uphold it was acceptable provided it was confined to the rabid dogs and not to the family pets.

Sadly, Noble Cause Corruption, whatever its immediate necessity, over time,  was bound to bleed into general corruption, spread into the other Justice Agencies and eventually become institutionalised.  NCC and its consequence is really what most historical investigations and associated Court cases involving Police actions are about today in Northern Ireland.

When the RUC was disbanded and replaced  by the PSNI, I believe one of the reasons was to remove NCC from the mindset of all officers in the new Police Service and to have a new beginning in the new conditions.

Long serving officers of the RUC were encouraged to leave with the inducement of large redundancy payments and new recruits were advised on appointment not to seek advice from old RUC officers who were still serving.

Unfortunately this scheme failed to remove the Noble Cause Corruption mindset and all the techniques were transferred over and left in place and transferred to new recruits. I suppose it might be argued that there is still a number of rabid dogs still roaming the streets, but now the corruption is being used mainly against the family pets.


This blog will remain active and used to brief and expand the number of people who have yet to read it. It will be added to as and when required but will not be published at regular intervals as before. If you wish to be informed when a new post is due simply complete the “Follow” button and you will be advised on future publications.Thank you all for showing such interest. I doubt it but it is my earnest hope that it will prod the Powers that be to do something to overhaul our corrupt system of Justice System here.  We all deserve better, but I am not hopeful.



Stanley LYNN




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