My Final Claim For Compensation

I had spent 12 years trying to get Justice for Raymond’s family but all I found was corruption and criminality throughout the Justice System. I was not prepared to test this through the Courts because I had no reason to believe that it was no less biased and selective than the Coroner’s Office. If my claim was rejected my backstop was to attempt to expose the whole rotten system.

Under advice, I sought out a barrister to guide me in making a written application directly to the Chief Constable who was responsible for his officers being able to lie and submit false Reports to protect Carson from the possible consequences of his wreckless actions and then to protect his own  officers.

I wasn’t going to list all the many and various reasons why compensation should be paid – the Chief Constable knew the truth and the facts and he alone  and are forced to make a claimcould decide whether he should respond in an honourable way. I held out little hope since he didn’t think there was anything wrong in retaining liars and fraudsters in his Force.

Perhaps I should not have followed my barristers advice by using the word misfeasance instead of lies and corruption but it would have been silly to seek expensive advice and not act on it. Thereafter I would call a spade a spad and be damned.

On 10th September 2015 I wrote the following Proposal for Compensation to George Hamilton, the present Chief Constable, who was already in post.









I received acknowledgemnt of my letter by return of post. I heard nothing more for another 18 months !!


That’s just one example of the PSNI’s favourite mass weapon of obstruction – procrastination until death.

I wrote :-


Three weeks later, I got the final “considered” reply from the PSNI Legal Services Branch.

You will have your own analysis of the response from the Chief Constable but I will briefly outline what I thought of it after you have read it.


I wish to point out some of my observations from this letter.

In the second paragraph of his response he apologises for the delay but he was dealing with “an extremely high volume of litigation at present and this particular matter escaped our attention and was not dealt with in a satisfactory manner.”

One can deduce from this that a massive number of people find the service provided by the PSNI to be totally unsatisfactory and are determined to make a claim.  It confirms my belief that the PSNI is an ill lead incompetent Force with more than its fair share of corrupt officers.

I expected him to have been provided  with the substance of the misfeasence briefly stated in my claim against the Chief Constable He was not.

I expected him to have asked the Chief Constable of his culpability in allowing falsehoods to be maintained and reinforced. Either he did not ask his client or his client did not tell him what he knew of the case.

In paragraph 4 he creepily expresses his sympathy for the loss of my brother and so lost all integrity in my eyes.

He goes on to refer to two case laws to support his decision to take no further action.

Neither of these cases are relevant to the behavior of the PSNI who permitted officers to provide false written Reports, to lie about their findings to third parties including the Police Ombudsman, to be protected from producing the false evidence in court under oath or to persuade other witnesses to change their Reports.

The Hillsborough Police were rank amatuers in corruption compared to this bunch.

In paragraph six he states that the case was outside the statutary limitation period, or, to put it another way, the PSNI deliberate policy of procrastination was successful in this case. The writer himself added 18 months to the delay.

In paragraph eight he suggests that any claim should have been made against another person (presumably Carson) or an Insurer. Clearly his briefing was very limited and he knew nothing of the failed attempt to take such a case to the High Court only to have it cut short when someone interfered with it so that the case had to be withdrawn.

Finally he decided it was clever to threaten me that should I elect to take the matter further he would defend the case and if I were unsucessful I would be liable for PSNI legal costs.

If I was hesitating over whether or not to write this blog he can certianly take the credit for it going ahead.



The final post in this first series will detail the conclusions  I have come to following my experience of dealing with the many elements of our Justice System. It will not be published until some time in January and will include the further actions that will follow. The blog site will remain open both for me and anyone else who may wish to add to it. More about that later.

In the meantime, thanks for reading this account. Have a great Christmas and all the best for 2019.








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