My Futile Request for Help from the Lord Chief Justice.

I was busy during the six months after the publication of the book with winding up my business, distributing the book and dealing with the ongoing outcome of the adjourned Coroner’s Court.  It wasn’t until February 2011 when I got round to contacting the Lord Chief Justice’s Office and preparing my Complaint about the judicial conduct of Coroner Leckey.  I addressed my complaint as required to the Complaints Officer at the Royal Courts of Justice in Belfast. I had been advised that he or she was the person to deal with any complaints I might have.

Along with several supporting documents and a copy of the book I sent the following formal complaint :-





This is the reply I got from someone called Martin McMullan. He could have been anyone within the Lord Chief Justice’s Offfice for he was either shy or ashamed  or incompetent to give his status.

This was his reply.







Martin was having a bad day because neither the book or the Code of Practice was ever returned.

He states that,  since my “complaint is not about the personal conduct of Mr Leckey it would not fall to be investigated under the code”.

What does the Lord Chief Justice and his staff do all day if they have no interest in a Coroner who willingly ignores all the protocals and responsibilities and duties of being a Coroner for whatever reason known only to him, and by doing so, denies justice and replaces it with lies and corruption.


The next post will show just how far the Coroner was willing to ignore the Rules to achieve his aim. Perhaps he was encouraged to do so by the lord Chief Justice’s response to my complaint.



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