The new Police Ombudsman’s Response.

Mr Beacon contacted me and informed me that the new Police Ombudsman Michael Maguire wanted to personally brief me on the findings of Mr Beacon and Mr Kane.

On 24th April 2012 I visited OPONI’s Headquarters in Cathedral Buildings and escorted into Dr Maguire’s office and offered tea and biscuits. Mr Beacon was also present.

Mr Maguire immediately apologised to me for past errors of his Office in handling my complaint and suggested that the Police response was even worse. He said that I would receive a detailed written apology within a few days but, in the meantime, Mr Beacon would give me a verbal briefing.

The only thing that shocked me was that, unknown to me, the Coroner had unilaterally closed down the adjourned case into my brother’s death. I will deal with that in a later Post.

I was informed that both the Police and the Coroner would receive a copy of Mr Beacon’s findings.

We discussed other matters connected with the case which I do not propose to deal with here but it will be  sufficient to say that I found both men open and sincere and genuinely sorry for any wrongs for which OPONI was responsible. Mr Beacon ran me home !

Elsewhere, I was told that everyone involved in the twin investigations were in no doubt that the Nova had reached the hedge head first. This was contrary to the conclusion of both the Forensic Officer Coll and later by our private investigator McLoughlin who initially agreed with that but later changed his mind in his second Report so that his findings would agree with Coll. This will be the subject of a later post.

I now reproduce the full letter from the Ombudsman without further comment. I have changed the real names of the two investigators involved with their pseudonyms. They are entitled to their privacy as were the four civilian witnesses.

(By way of explanation in my original submission to OPONI I had mistakenly referred to Mr Meehan as Mr Meekin. Sorry.)



The apology was welcomed and several corrupted documents were withdrawn, which meant that the PSNI and others could not use them to support their own false Reports. However all it meant was that, as far as OPONI was involved, my complaint against the Police was not going to be re-investigated and no new OPONI Report would be produced. It was as if all that was done was that OPONI’s errors were corrected but nothing was put in their place. I was in the same position as I was the day I first wrote to OPONI with my concerns. The correction of the errors and falsehoods by the Police was left in the hands of the Police who created them in the first place.


The next post will list the other findings of Mr Kennedy who was the Police Investigator of my complaint.






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