Exposure of Northern Ireland’s “Justice” System

On Tuesday 11th November 2003 my brother Raymond was driving along the Steeple Road outside Antrim on his way to collect his two grandchildren from primary school. He was travelling at about 35 mph. As he approached a blind corner on the narrow road, a Subaru Impreza car driven by Mr Glyn Carson exited the blind bend and crashed into my brother almost head on.  All independent professional witnesses found that Raymond was on his own carriageway when the collision happened.

Three civilian witnesses assessed the speed of the Subaru at or near the collision to be  70 to 80 MPH and other expert calculations assessed its speed above the speed limit. The legal speed limit was 60 mph.

It was later discovered that Carson had many convictions for exceeding the speed limit, that he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, that he was using his mobile phone at the time of the crash, and his unidirectional tyres were fitted back to front ( a favoured configuration for drivers who indulged in illegal “drifting”).

My brother did not survive the crash and died at the scene. Carson was badly injured.

The Police, Ambulance and Fire Brigade all attended the scene and the Police investigation was led by Sgt Alan McBride who, in turn, was supervised by Inspector Ian White as Criminal Justice Manager of Antrim Police Station.

A fireman, who knew my brother well, rightly told the other Emergency staff that  Raymond had  a previous heart condition. On this flimiest of evidence and ignoring all other possibilities, Sgt McBride decided that the crash had been caused by Raymond suffering a heart attack, crossing on to the wrong side of the road and crashing into the Subaru. That night he also indicated this cause to the pathologist and then went on to complete a false Collision Report which supported his conclusion. Forensic Offficers were not called to the scene to investigate.

Strangely, Carson’s first written statement  tended to  support the Sergeant’s conclusion but a cursory inspection  shows that his story had no basis in fact.

As soon as the post-mortem was completed, the pathologist stated firmly that his examination showed that Raymond did not have a heart attack of any kind and his health prior to the crash was fine. His first written Report reflected this finding.

Even though Sgt McBride was told this he did not review his findings or his Report.

I was granted Letters of Administration to settle my brother’s estate, but since my brother was insured Third Party only, I was unable to make a claim against Carson’s  insurance policy on behalf of his estate whilst the false Police Report remained in place.

It took 10 years and many hundreds  of hours to finally get the Police to admit that the original Report was false, but they did not change their conclusion as to the cause of the crash or even circulate the amended Report to the original recipients. You might wonder who they were trying to protect.

Its clear to me now that  the Police will never reverse this injustice, not least because they would also have to admit that they also lied to all of the other Justice Agencies who rode to their defence and protected them when their actions were first challenged. Further, the Police knew full well that they had little expertise in collecting evidence or assessing blame at road crashes.  Knowing this they still refused to get help from or use outside experts but chose instead to cover up for their own mistakes.

It has taken another 4 years to bring this shocking story to a wider readership. I will detail the actions that most of the Justice System took to protect itself against any criticism or challenge and the way each colluded with the other to do so.

I will not present all of the  evidence I have to show in detail how and why the crash really happened except where it is required to clarify my case against the Justice System. It is for a court to apportion blame and punish the perpetrator should it find cause. In this case the PSNI never gave the Public Prosecution Service a choice. However, by the end  of this blog you will probably be in a position to come to a reasoned conclusion about everything.

You will see, as this exposition unfolds, the default of the Police was to delay, falsify, collude and threaten in order to sidestep any responsibility towards providing Justice. They were ably helped in this by most  of the rest of the Justice System, who, at the very least, were prepared to turn a blind eye to the truth.

During these many years, I have sought help from practically every body connected with the administration of Justice in Northern Ireland.

The long list includes the PSNI, the Forensic Service, the Police Ombudsman, the Public Prosecution Service, the Attorney General, the Lord Chief Justice, the Policing Board, the NI Ombudsman, the Coroner’s Office, the Assembley’s Dept of Justice, Several MPs and MLAs, many civilian experts and even HM the Queen.

With the use of correspondence, recordings,videos etc, I will relate the whole sorry  tale. By the end, you may come to the conclusion as I have that our Justice System is corrupt to the core, that the corruption is institutionalised, and its prime purpose is to protect those who are its practitioners within and always overriding  the need for Justice.









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