The beginning

The Aftermath

(Note that my brother’s car has been forced across the road and rotated through almost 180 degrees by the  Subaru.)


In spite of everything I have experienced in this case, it is still my belief that, as with the vast majority of citizens in Northern Ireland, most people working in the Justice System here do so with integrity and honesty. However there is a coterie who are prepared to set Justice aside in order to protect the failures of one of their own. Further they have the expectation that they will never be challenged, probably because they have been doing it successfully for a long time without censure.

Someone said “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil was that good men should do nothing.”

I ask all good men  and women to read this blog and decide for themselves if it has a familiar ring of what they have experienced or have heard almost daily in the news.  You might  then agree that our Justice System needs an immediate and comprehensive overhaul and a culling of those within it who believe that they have a right to manipulate it to their own whims and needs.

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It is planned that this blog will begin during the second week of March 2018 or thereabouts, when I expect that the initial admin is completed.

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3 thoughts on “The beginning

  1. The police in question won’t say anything they don’t want justice they would sooner cover their own arse , than say that they were wrong . To the justice department stand up & be counted , I don’t know how you’ s can lay in your beds at night , or you like the driver that got away with murder, R H M cCabe,


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